Selected Publications

Direct and Derivative Shareholder Suits: Towards a Functional and Practical Taxonomy (with Samantha S Tang)

Afra Afsharipour & Martin Gelter (eds), Comparative Corporate Governance (Elgar 2021) 431–453


Shareholder Protection in Close Corporations and the Curious Case of Japan: The Enigmatic Past and Present of Withdrawal in a Leading Economy

53(4) Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1207–1264 (2020)     [SSRN] [link]

Company Law (with Dan W Puchniak and Tan Cheng Han)

20 Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review of Singapore Cases 198–229 (2019) [link]

first published September 2020

Diversity of Shareholder Stewardship in Asia: Faux Convergence (with Gen Goto and Dan W Puchniak)

53(3) Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 829–880 (2020)     [SSRN] [link]

Land of the Falling “Poison Pill": Understanding Defensive Measures in Japan on Their Own Terms (as lead author; with Masafumi Nakahigashi and Dan W Puchniak)

41(3) University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 687–754 (2020)     [SSRN] [link]

(Non-)Enforcement of Directors’ Duties in Corporate Groups

81(4) Modern Law Review 673–688 (2018)      [DOI]

シンガポール会社法・国際私法と日本会社分割の交錯―JX Holdings事件を素材として―

[The Interaction of Singapore Corporate Law, Conflict of Laws, and the Company Split in Japanese Corporate Law] (with Hisashi Harata) (in Japanese)

2152 旬刊・商事法務 [Junkan Shōji Hōmu] [Commercial Law Review] 4–18 (2017)

Towards a "Just and Equitable Remedy" for Companies (with Samantha S Tang)

133 Law Quarterly Review 372–377 (2017) 

The Future of The Anatomy of Corporate Law for Asia: A Forward-Looking Critique (with Samantha S Tang)

12 Asian Journal of Comparative Law 197–202 (2017)      [DOI]

Contractual Interpretation of Long-Term Leases: An Intuitive "Hop" to Joint Ventures (with Samantha S Tang)

[2017] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 13–18 (2017)

Reconstructing the Reflective Loss Principle

16(2) Journal of Corporate Law Studies 373–401 (2016)      [SSRN] [DOI]

Delimiting A Director's Fiduciary Duties (with Samantha S Tang)

[2016] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 358–362 (2016)


How to Avoid a Derivative Action: A Cautionary Tale from Singapore (with Samantha S Tang)

[2016] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 346–352 (2016)

Of Activist Mayors and Nuclear Reactors: The Osaka v. Kansai Electric Saga and Japan’s Curious Regime
Governing Shareholder Access to Minutes of Board Meetings
(with Eiji Takahashi)

No. 40 Journal of Japanese Law 99–120 (2015)       [link]


Searching for Good Faith in Singapore’s Derivative Action: Much Ado About Something?

36(7) Company Lawyer 207–209 (2015)


Appraising Japan’s Appraisal Remedy

62(2) American Journal of Comparative Law 417–460 (2014)       [SSRN] [DOI]

Excusing Notice Under Singapore’s Statutory Derivative Action

14(2) Australian Journal of Asian Law Article No. 3 (2013)       [link]


The Educational Deficiencies of the Singapore Practitioner

31 Singapore Law Review 45–49 (2013)